Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home making his baby food

 New and best idea yet!

Second round of teething biscuits!
I know, he is a MESS lol I was giving him carrots while i was cooking dinner to occupy him lol
I came across this great idea to store my home made baby food! After cooking and pureeing.. freeze in ice cube trays and pop out after so you can keep making more! He has now tried every food in the 4-6 month section of my baby recipe book! He doesn't like pumpkin or zucchini.. I'll try mixing them in a few weeks with apple to see if he changes his mind. lol The teething biscuits are GREAT! I eyeball the recipe.. I mill old fashioned oats and add pureed apple with cinnamon. you want to be able to form a ball with the mixture.make what ever shape you want with them. cook at 325 for 30 minutes at least. MAKE SURE they are rock hard or they could crumble in their mouth and cause them to choke. They don't eat the cookies, just use them as a teether. Parker loves the smell of them. It makes to whole house smell like cookies too. So that's a plus!

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