Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Little Monkey!

My little Monkey today! He was too CUTE for words!!  (FedEx had just dropped off his Pampers a few minutes before we took the picture) BTW any Moms out there should take advantage of Amazons super saver deal with amazon mom!! I saved 10 bucks on a 204 count of Pampers swaddlers. Its auto delivery.. $40 bucks total. annndd they shipped them to me free of charge so i saved on gas too ;)

Food for today..

Breakfast! Oatmeal with Chia (for anyone wondering what chia looks like)

My FAVORITE yogurt! Vanilla Bean YUMM 1/2 cup and a banana for my morning snack
Lunch! I sauteed onion and mushroom on medium heat for about 10 minutes, turned stove to medium low and added spinach and tomatoes until it wilted down. Mix with couscous and you a have a super yummy lunch! (I make this once a week at least!) lol
My snack in between lunch and dinner was an orange and a few prunes. I could eat a whole tub of prunes in a week if i let myself lol weird i know.

 Dinner Time! Not much time for cooking since it was Halloween :) The Mukimame soybeans are something new i tried tonight.. Not organic and no label saying it isnt a GMO.. and most soybeans are GMOs sadly. (VOTE YES TO PROP 37) lol buttt i was at target and they caught my eye.. maybe I can find them at Barrons(a fresh market) next week... ones that are not genetically modified.. because they are GREAT! I loveee them! Similar to edamame soybeans.. I also had a slice of Sara lees 45 calorie honey whole wheat bread toasted with avocado, tomato, salt and pepper. YUM!

I think I'll post a full days worth of my meals once a week or just new recipes i come up with every few days .. I'm pretty boring with breakfast and snacks. Ive had oatmeal and chia every morning (except weekends with i cook for the hubby) for the past 3 months LOL and still wake up excited to eat it. haha

3 Favorite Things in My Pantry!

3 of my favorite things in my pantry!
 1. Stevia is GREAT if you love sugar and don't want the calories. Its all natural and one of the few safe artificial sweeteners :) I've never been big on the taste of "fake sugar" but this is great! I put it in my oatmeal and coffee every morning.
2. CHIA SEEDS! :D You can get them on or Gnc. I think any health food store would carry them. They are packed full of antioxidants, omegas, and fiber! I eat 1 to 2 tbs every morning with my oatmeal or smoothie. They are very filling.. I'm a snacker and could graze in the kitchen all day long but these help me feel satisfied so I don't eat my weight in food every day. lol You mix them with water before adding to a meal and they turn into a gel like substance. I cant live without them!
Coconut Oil... Something new I just got this week... Ive made my own toothpaste, body lotion, hair mask, and cook with it also. I think that's a big reason its one of my favorites. Its so versatile! I LOVE the smell of coconut so i don't need any extra fragrance added for my lotion. It reminds me of baby oil gel mixed with lotion. (it stays on for a long time too!) This link will give you 122 uses for coconut oil!
Super excited I have switched my toothpaste and lotion to all natural, organic products! I had read last week that chemicals absorbed through your skin are more dangerous to your body than chemicals you consume. Even said that deodorant with parabens could link to breast cancer. 99% of breast cancer patients had parabens in their body.. Toms is a great all natural brand.(FREE of parabens)

Happy Halloween!!

Here is the recipe! :)
We made these to give to the family for Parkers first Halloween!  :) I cant wait to make our Christmas ones!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home making his baby food

 New and best idea yet!

Second round of teething biscuits!
I know, he is a MESS lol I was giving him carrots while i was cooking dinner to occupy him lol
I came across this great idea to store my home made baby food! After cooking and pureeing.. freeze in ice cube trays and pop out after so you can keep making more! He has now tried every food in the 4-6 month section of my baby recipe book! He doesn't like pumpkin or zucchini.. I'll try mixing them in a few weeks with apple to see if he changes his mind. lol The teething biscuits are GREAT! I eyeball the recipe.. I mill old fashioned oats and add pureed apple with cinnamon. you want to be able to form a ball with the mixture.make what ever shape you want with them. cook at 325 for 30 minutes at least. MAKE SURE they are rock hard or they could crumble in their mouth and cause them to choke. They don't eat the cookies, just use them as a teether. Parker loves the smell of them. It makes to whole house smell like cookies too. So that's a plus!

37 weeks

 38 weeks

 2 weeks postpartum

 5 months postpartum
I wish I had kept better track of my postpartum pictures. The past week or two i've tried to start working my abs. NOT EASY. I had no idea pregnancy would take such a tole on your body.. I gained 19.5 lbs total and am now about 7 lbs lighter than I was before pregnancy. I'm posting this so in 6 weeks i can see my progress. Its time to kick it in high gear with working my abs!

Parkers Room :)

Here is his room! :) I love it! When I was pregnant I bought everything peter rabbit and then changed my mind after I had him. lol It fits him perfect since hes a Navy baby :)

Happy 5 months Parker!!

Happy 5 months to Parker!! He can now sit up for the most part by himself. Talks 24/7! Loves playing in the bath and LOVES his Mommy! The past day or two i've been having to distance myself from him a little so he can learn he is his own person. We have been having trouble getting housework done and just daily tasks because my little love wants to be held 24/7. Its my fault.. i've clung to him like glue since day one. Now I think its time to give him his own space to play a little with out me. So far, so good. :) I actually got a little house work done today so that was a plus!


Dinner tonight! Really easy. Anyone who doesn't use parchment paper GET SOME! Its one of my favorite things to use when baking. You never dirty a dish! Tonight I made bruschetta chicken pasta. One of my favorites! Preheat oven to 425. 1/3 cup of olive oil mixed with spice packet. Brush over sliced tomatoes and chicken tenderloins. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar (leave  about 2 or 3 tbs of spice mix for pasta) bake for 30 minutes. Serve with pasta. (I toss the pasta with spice mix and a little balsamic vinegar.) Make sure when buying spices they are free of MSG! :)  Most of Mrs Dash's line is free of MSG. Lemon Pepper is my favorite!