Wednesday, October 31, 2012

3 Favorite Things in My Pantry!

3 of my favorite things in my pantry!
 1. Stevia is GREAT if you love sugar and don't want the calories. Its all natural and one of the few safe artificial sweeteners :) I've never been big on the taste of "fake sugar" but this is great! I put it in my oatmeal and coffee every morning.
2. CHIA SEEDS! :D You can get them on or Gnc. I think any health food store would carry them. They are packed full of antioxidants, omegas, and fiber! I eat 1 to 2 tbs every morning with my oatmeal or smoothie. They are very filling.. I'm a snacker and could graze in the kitchen all day long but these help me feel satisfied so I don't eat my weight in food every day. lol You mix them with water before adding to a meal and they turn into a gel like substance. I cant live without them!
Coconut Oil... Something new I just got this week... Ive made my own toothpaste, body lotion, hair mask, and cook with it also. I think that's a big reason its one of my favorites. Its so versatile! I LOVE the smell of coconut so i don't need any extra fragrance added for my lotion. It reminds me of baby oil gel mixed with lotion. (it stays on for a long time too!) This link will give you 122 uses for coconut oil!
Super excited I have switched my toothpaste and lotion to all natural, organic products! I had read last week that chemicals absorbed through your skin are more dangerous to your body than chemicals you consume. Even said that deodorant with parabens could link to breast cancer. 99% of breast cancer patients had parabens in their body.. Toms is a great all natural brand.(FREE of parabens)

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