Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Food for today..

Breakfast! Oatmeal with Chia (for anyone wondering what chia looks like)

My FAVORITE yogurt! Vanilla Bean YUMM 1/2 cup and a banana for my morning snack
Lunch! I sauteed onion and mushroom on medium heat for about 10 minutes, turned stove to medium low and added spinach and tomatoes until it wilted down. Mix with couscous and you a have a super yummy lunch! (I make this once a week at least!) lol
My snack in between lunch and dinner was an orange and a few prunes. I could eat a whole tub of prunes in a week if i let myself lol weird i know.

 Dinner Time! Not much time for cooking since it was Halloween :) The Mukimame soybeans are something new i tried tonight.. Not organic and no label saying it isnt a GMO.. and most soybeans are GMOs sadly. (VOTE YES TO PROP 37) lol buttt i was at target and they caught my eye.. maybe I can find them at Barrons(a fresh market) next week... ones that are not genetically modified.. because they are GREAT! I loveee them! Similar to edamame soybeans.. I also had a slice of Sara lees 45 calorie honey whole wheat bread toasted with avocado, tomato, salt and pepper. YUM!

I think I'll post a full days worth of my meals once a week or just new recipes i come up with every few days .. I'm pretty boring with breakfast and snacks. Ive had oatmeal and chia every morning (except weekends with i cook for the hubby) for the past 3 months LOL and still wake up excited to eat it. haha

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